Our Mass Times


Important - Our weekday Masses are subject to change.

Please check the Newsletter section of this website to ensure you don't have a wasted journey!


Reconciliation (Confession) is available daily at our Cathedral, see bottom of page.


Check Newsletter section of this website for Mass times during the seasons of

Advent and Holy Week/Easter.



Saturday First Mass of Sunday - 5.15pm at Holy Family Church

Sunday Morning Mass - 9.15am at St Mark’s Church

Sunday Morning  Mass - 11.00am at Holy Family Church


Holy Days of Obligation


As advertised in Newsletter.  Please check the Newsletter section of this website.




* Important - These are subject to change

so please check the Weekly Newsletter section

which is uploaded on to this site *


Monday - Service of the Word, 10.00am at St Mark's Church

Wednesday and Friday - Mass, 10.00am at St Mark’s Church

Tuesday and Thursday - Mass, 10.00am at Holy Family Church


Services  (to be updated shortly)


Confessions Saturday - 4.45pm at Holy Family Church

Parish Service of Reconciliation Tuesday before Christmas and Easter

Exposition Friday after Mass, unless Funeral

Walsingham Novena Tuesday's after Mass Holy Family Church

Prayer Group Thursday 6.30pm St Mark’s Church

Prayer Group and Exposition after Thursdays Mass Holy Family Church

Parish Novena St John Vianney Jun – Aug

Pastoral Area Novena leading to Feast of St Therese of Lisieux

Annual Baptism Thanksgiving 2nd Wednesday after Easter

Annual Bereavement Service 2nd Wednesday of November


Reconciliation (Confession) At Our Cathedral


Weekdays - After 12.15pm Mass in Crypt Chapel

Saturday - 11.00am-12.00 noon and 3.30pm-4.30pm in Cathedral


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