In all our communities there is poverty, lonliness and disadvantage.

You care.  Of course you do.


The gap between rich and poor is widening and the number of people trying to cope on their own with illness, old age, debt or disability is increasing.  For many, these problems lead to depression and despair when there is no one to turn to.


People in these situations need help.  Could you work with us to provide it?  Caring by itself isn't enough.  There are people suffering in this area who need your practical help.  By joining our SVP you can turn your concern into action.


The SVP is an international Christian voluntary membership organisation that tackles poverty and disadvantage by helping and supporting vulnerable people.  Active throughout England and Wales since 1844, their main objective is the relief of poverty in all its forms without differentiation on the grounds of race, colour, creed, ideology or gender?


Members look for opportunities to help those in need and when asked, visit individuals and families where they are living and assess their needs.  The main purpose of visits is to extend the hand of friendship.  More practical assistance can be given depending on the nature of the help required and the capacity of the local membership.


Please contact the office on 0151 486 3992 if you would like to get involved with the SVP or perhaps you know someone who would benefit from their support.



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