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This group meet every second Thursday of the month at St Francis of Assisi Meeting Rooms, Earp Street, Garston at 8.00pm.  New members welcome.  Contact Aidan for more information on 0151 427 7126.



Letter to Catholics in Pastoral Area 3, January 2018

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Pastoral Area of St Theresa Lisieux

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux (Born Marie-Françoise-Thérèse Martin, January 2, 1873 – September 30, 1897), or Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, O.C.D., was a French Discalced Carmelite nun. She is popularly known as "The Little Flower of Jesus" or simply, "The Little Flower."


Thérèse has been a highly influential model of sanctity for Catholics and for others because of the "simplicity and practicality of her approach to the spiritual life." Together with St. Francis of Assisi, she is one of the most popular saints in the history of the church. Pope Pius X called her "the greatest saint of modern times."


Thérèse felt an early call to religious life, and overcoming various obstacles, in 1888 at the early age of 15, she became a nun and joined two of her elder sisters in the cloistered Carmelite community of Lisieux,Normandy. After nine years as a Carmelite religious, having fulfilled various offices such as sacristan and assistant to the novice mistress, and having spent her last eighteen months in Carmel in a night of faith, she died oftuberculosis at the age of 24. Her feast day is on October 1st.


The impact of The Story of a Soul, a collection of her autobiographical manuscripts, printed and distributed a year after her death to an initially very limited audience, was great, and she rapidly became one of the most popular saints of the twentieth century. Pope Pius XI made her the "star of his pontificate". She was beatified in 1923, and canonized in 1925. Thérèse was declared co-patron of the missions with Francis Xavier in 1927, and named co-patron of France with Joan of Arc in 1944. On October 19, 1997 Pope John Paul II declared her the thirty-third Doctor of the Church, the youngest person, and at that time only the third woman, to be so honored. Devotion to Thérèse has developed around the world.


Thérèse lived a hidden life and "wanted to be unknown," yet became popular after her death through her spiritual autobiography. She also left letters, poems, religious plays, prayers, and her last conversations were recorded by her sisters. Paintings and photographs – mostly the work of her sister Céline – further led to her being recognized by millions of men and women.


Thérèse said on her death-bed, "I only love simplicity. I have a horror of pretence", and she spoke out against some of the claims made concerning the Lives of saints written in her day, "We should not say improbable things, or things we do not know. We must see their real, and not their imagined lives."


The depth of her spirituality, of which she said, "my way is all confidence and love," has inspired many believers. In the face of her littleness she trusted in God to be her sanctity. She wanted to go to heaven by an entirely new little way. "I wanted to find an elevator that would raise me to Jesus." The elevator, she wrote, would be the arms of Jesus lifting her in all her littleness.

Thérèse is well known throughout the world, with the Basilica of Lisieux being the second largest place of pilgrimage in France after Lourdes.

Our Dean (Archbishop’s local representative) is: TBC


Parishes within our Pastoral Area are:



(Incorporating the former parishes of Christ the King, Our Lady of Good Help and St Paschal Baylon)

78 Queens Drive, Wavetree, Liverpool, L15 6YQ

Parish Priest: Fr Sean Riley, Fr John Poland

Tel: 0151 722 2231

Email: ctkandol@rcaolp.co.uk

Website: ctkandol.org

Sunday Mass Times:

Sat 6.00pm; Sun 9.30am and 11.15am



Bishop Eton, Woolton Rd, Liverpool, L16 8NQ

Parish Priest: Fr Tim Buckley

Assistant Fr Barrie O’Toole

Tel: 0151 737 4110

Email: ourladysparishbishopeton.bishopeton@btconnect.com

Websites: bishopeton.org.uk and redemptorists.co.uk

Sunday Mass Times:

8.30am; 10.00; 11.30am and 6.00pm



(Incorporating the former parishes of Our Lady of the Assumption, St Cyril and St Gregory)

16, Hedgefield Rd, Gateacre, Liverpool L25 2RW

Parish Priest: Fr Stephen Pritchard

Tel: 0151487 9372

Parish Office Email:ola@rcaolp.co.uk

Private Email: s.pritchard@rcaolp.co.uk

Website: ourladygateacre.org.uk

Sunday Mass Times:

Sat 5.00pm; Sunday 9.30am and 11.00am



Heathgate Avenue, Speke, Liverpool, L24 7RS

Parish Priest Fr Edward Cain

Tel: 0151 425 2289

Email: spekehalerc@btinternet.com

Sunday Mass Times:

Saturday 7.00pm [Alternating with St Christopher]

Sunday 11.05am



Stapleton Avenue, Speke, Liverpool, L24 0SF

Parish Priest Fr Edward Cain

Tel: 0151 425 2289

Email: spekehalerc@btinternet.com

Sunday Mass Times:

Saturday 7.00pm [Alternating with St Ambrose]

Sunday 9.40am



(Incorporating the former Parishes of St Andrew the Apostle, Holy Family and St Mark)

The Presbytery and Parish Office Penmann Crescent, Halewood, Liverpool L26 0UG

Parish Priest: Fr Matthew Nunes                           

Tel: 0151 486 9885

Email: johnvianney@rcaolp.cc.uk    

Website: parishofstjohnvianney.co.uk

Sunday Mass Times:

Saturday 5.15pm Holy Family Church

Sunday 9.15am St Mark’s Church and 11.00am Holy Family Church



Church Rd, Woolton, Liverpool, L25 5JF

Parish Priest: Fr Tim Buckley

Assistant Fr Barrie O’Toole

Tel: 0151 737 4110

Email: ourladysparishbishopeton.bishopeton@btconnect.com

Websites: bishopeton.org.uk and redemptorists.co.uk

Sunday Mass Times:

Saturday 5.30pm

Sunday 9.00am and 11.00am



Living within our Pastoral Area we have Fr Jonathan Brown,  BSc BA who is an ex –Anglican priest and now Chaplain to The Royal University Liverpool  and Broadgreen Hospitals.  He helps out around the Pastoral Area. [In our Parish he helps at the Saturday 5.15pm Mass]. He lives, with his wife and family at: St Paschal Baylon House, Chelwood Avenue, Liverpool, L16 2LN.

Tel: 0151 722 5213

Email: j.brown@rcaolp.co.uk



Fr Stephen Pritchard MA, lives in the Presbytery at Our Lady of the Assumption, Gateacre and is involved with Hope University. He is the Associate Dean.

He can be contacted at Our Lady of the Assumption.



Fr Pat O’Brien:  3 Woolton Court, Quarry Road, Liverpool L25 6HF Tel 0151-421 1963

Email fr.pat.woolton@gmail.com

Fr Des Power:  5 Charnley Drive, Liverpool L15 6WA Tel 0151-722 4370

Fr Brian Crane, Orchard Cottage, 7 Seafarers Drive, Liverpool, L25 4AG, Tel: 0151 428 1537

Fr Brendan Rice, 14 Rockmount Close, Woolton, Liverpool, L25 6JN, Tel: 0151 428 6266, email: b.rice@rcaolp.co.uk

Fr Tony Reynolds, Calco, Acrefield Road, Woolton, Liverpool, L25 5JP, Tel: 0151 428 3222




Marie Curie Hospice, Speke Road, Woolton, Liverpool, L25 8QA

Tel: 0151 801 1400

Email: merseyside.fundraising@mariecurie.org.uk

The Priests from Bishop Eton can be contacted above, and minister here.


Thank you for visiting our new website and we hope you find it informative and useful.  For any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail, telephone or using our online contact form.

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Parish of St John Vianney

Parish Office
Penmann Crescent
L26 0UG

Tel: +44 151 486 9885

E-mail: johnvianney@rcaolp.co.uk


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