Rite of Christian Initiation in Adults (RCIA)


We welcome inquiries from everyone. You may be someone who has never belonged to any faith tradition or you may have been baptised in another Christian faith. You may simply feel a sense of curiosity to find out more or you may have already decided to seek membership of the Catholic church.


Whatever your starting point you are very welcome.


Each year across our Archdiocese there are people who enquire about becoming a Catholic, often with no previous religious affiliation. They are accompanied by RCIA teams who guide them through the different stages of the RCIA process and prepare them to celebrate the liturgies which mark these stages.


If you would like more information please speak to our Parish Priest Father Matthew Nunes after Mass or contact the Parish Office on 0151 486 3992.


The RCIA course is currently run from within the Parish of Our Lady of Annuniciation, Bishop Eton, Childwall.


Here, adults who are interested in knowing more about the Church are lead through a programme, however, the most important aspect of the series of meetings is the sharing of faith. The programme lasts six to seven months. It culminates in a service for all who have been involved in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King on the first Sunday of Lent, where the Archbishop conducts the Rite of Election.  At the end of Lent, those who have chosen to become Catholics are received into the Church during the Easter Vigil.


Returning To The Catholic Church


If you have been away from the Church for some time you may have many questions and/or may have missed out on some of the Sacraments e.g. Confirmation. It may be helpful for you to speak to our Parish Priest, Father Matthew Nunes after Mass or just contact the Parish Office on 0151 486 3992.


Depending on the circumstances it may be that the RCIA course would be appropriate for you.


The Catholic Church in England and Wales has produced a website for those interested in returning to the Church.


Although called http://www.comehomeforchristmas.co.uk/ it provides information that would be useful at any time of year.


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