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Pope says elders of the Church are grandparents who must teach youth to dream
2017-06-27 June 27, 2017. He celebrated the 25th anniversary of becoming a bishop, but said old people aren't a gerontocracy.
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Paul Bhatti: "To forgive those who killed my brother is a sign of courage"
2017-06-27 June 27, 2017. The former Minister of Minorities describes Christian persecution in Pakistan in "The Voice of Justice."
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From convert to Cardinal: Anders Arborelius says “as a young man, I longed to become Catholic”
2017-06-27 June 27, 2017. He is the first Swedish-born bishop and cardinal since the Protestant Reformation.
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Welcome to the Parish of St John Vianney

Incorporating the former Parishes of St Andrew, Holy Family and St Mark.  Part of St Theresa Of Lisieux Pastoral Area.

Liverpool RC Archdiocesan Trustees Incorporated.  A Registered Charity 232709.

The Parish of St John Vianney comprises two Churches: St Mark's (Penmann Crescent) and Holy Family (Mackets Lane).

Our Parish Office is based next door to St Marks along with the Parish Centre.

Our Parish Priest is Fr Matthew Nunes. 

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